A revolution in sweeping

The EasySweep is designed to eliminate the fuss of having to use an extra dustpan to collect the debris. It has a unique pick-up brush at the back of the broom which sweeps up small piles of debris as you go, so you can finally ditch the dustpan!


  • Unique power brush picks up the debris!

    Simply tip the broom hgead 45 degrees an run along the floor - activating the power brush and lifting the dust!

  • Great for all kinds of debris

    The Easy Sweep's unique rotating power brush picks up all kinds of dust and debris - just sweep into small piles every few feet and pick up as you go !

  • Easy to empty

    Simply position the Easy Sweep over a trach can , pinch both sides of the brush plate, and slide out to empty the contents of the container

  • Runs on 3 AA disposable batteries

    Based on using the Easy Sweep twice a day for 3 minutes each time, just 3 disposable alkaline AA batteries should last up to 2 months

  • No more bending down and chasing the dust line

    Ever been frustrated by trying to get that last small line of fine dust up with a normal dustpan? The Easy sweep gets evrything up the first time!

  • Angled bristles reach into tight spaces

    The stadnard sweeping bristles are angled at 45 degrees, so you can easily sweep those hard to reach areas.